Data Privacy and Security

Many of the data analytics applications are related to people, therefore privacy and security need special attention. Specific areas related to data privacy and security are:

  • Data Anonymization: When data needs to be disclosed to third parties, sensitive data and personally identifying information needs to be separated so that they cannot be linked back which is the task of anonymization.
  • Privacy Preserving Data Analysis: When data analytics will be performed on sensitive data, one option is to do that on encrypted data or by adding noise to sensitive data.

Faculty Members: Albert Levi, Erkay Savaş, Yücel Saygın

Funded Projects:

  • 2015-2017 TÜBİTAK 1003 Project (No: 114​ ​E​ ​261): Privacy Preserving Analysis and Sharing of Education Data, Y. Saygın.
  • ​2006-2008 ​TÜBİTAK ​1001 ​Proje​ct (No: 105 E 165): Secure Biometric Authentication Systems, B. Yanıkoğlu