Center of Excellence in Data Analytics



Companies in Turkey and across the world seek to mine big data and improve their processes, customer relations and other aspects. From private companies to public institutions, the importance of data analytics becomes more appreciated as the size of the data grows. With the increase in data, the development of techniques that will make use and sense of big data in scientific research gains importance and become predominant in Computer and Industrial Engineering research endeavors.

The reason behind the foundation of verim was to provide interdisciplinary solutions to commercial and scientific needs in big data mining, and conduct scientific research that could play a large role in overall research efforts. verim will collect big data-related research under one roof, which will better disseminate the studies of researchers of different disciplines on this subject, and enhance cooperation among them. verim will contribute to increasing knowledge about data analytics and big data through seminars and publications.

verim and the Sabancı University Master's in Data Analytics Program will have a synergistic presence in education and research about data analytics. Furthermore, the Center aims to provide support and knowledge to researchers, faculty as well as undergraduate and graduate students about working with big data thanks to its infrastructure and the contributions of postdoctorate researchers and support personnel. 

Students and researchers who have gone beyond the theoretical and acquired working knowledge of the most advanced computer technologies (parallel programming, big data infrastructure, analysis of big data, high-performance computing) will be much better prepared for their work and find jobs more easily.