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  • Scientific Endeavors: Undertake scientific studies in data analytics (in current and new areas), increasing collaborative projects, coordinated dissemination of academic outputs, and taking an active part in large projects as a framework organization

  • Industry Cooperation: Develop solutions to the problems of the industry through joint projects on data analytics with companies; generate resources for the Center and the University while presenting problems that arise from the needs of the industry as the foundation of breakthrough academic research.

  • Education Activities: Organize seminars and yearly workshops and summer schools to share state-of-art techniques and approaches in data science, with academicians and researchers.

  • Reports and Bulletins: Prepare periodical reports to the industry and other stakeholders about new developments in data analytics, current technical analysis and modelling techniques, areas of application, forecasts, and current industry issues and expectations in Turkey.

  • Training Activities and Workshops: Organize and conduct training programs and workshops aimed at technical personnel and executives in data processing, data analytics, big data business applications, and business analytics.