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Center of Excellence in Data Analytics

Companies in Turkey and across the world seek to mine big data and improve their products, operational efficiency, market competitiveness, and other business aspects such as customer relations. From private companies to public institutions, the importance of data analytics becomes more appreciated as the size of the data grows. With the increasing availability of data, the development of techniques that will make use and sense of big data in scientific research are gaining precedence and becoming a central theme in Computer and Industrial Engineering research endeavours.

VERIM was founded in 2016 with the goal of becoming a leading Center for data analytics research, with several goals:

  • to provide interdisciplinary solutions to address the needs of commercial and scientific challenges relevant to data analytics
  • to connect researchers from different disciplines on the subject of data science and enhance cooperation among them. 
  • to conduct high-quality, industrially relevant and impactful research in data analytics that will move the field forward. 
  • to contribute to undergraduate and graduate education by providing opportunities to work on challenging, real-life projects.
  • to provide computational resources and support to its affiliated faculty members and students for handling big data-related projects
  • to gather all data science-related research under one roof to improve the visibility of data science research at Sabanci University.
  • to disseminate knowledge on data analytics and big data through seminars and publications.

VERIM and the Professional Master's Program in Data Analytics (DA) have a synergistic presence in education and research. In addition to these, the recently founded Master`s Program in Data Science is expected to complete the educational side with a thesis program.

Students and researchers who can move beyond the theoretical and acquire hands-on knowledge of contemporary advanced computing technologies (parallel programming, big data infrastructure, analysis of big data, high-performance computing) will be much better prepared for their work and find jobs more easily.

Sabancı University
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Orhanli - Tuzla, 34956
Istanbul, Turkey
P: (+90) 216 483 97 00