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Computer Vision

Being at the intersection of fields such as digital image processing, image analysis, machine learning, and pattern recognition, the ultimate goal of computer vision consists of the understanding of visual data at the highest level. The data can originate from phone cameras, microscopes, MRI devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, or even satellites, acquired in color, 3D, or even at hundreds of wavelengths. Its sub-fields include scene and object recognition, object detection and tracking, event detection, content-based retrieval and image enhancement.

Computer Vision oriented research at Sabanci University is applied to various areas including biometrics, handwriting recognition, precision agriculture, (bio)medical, and satellite image analysis among others.

Funded Projects
  • 2019-2022, TÜBİTAK 2545: "MULTI-variate, temporal, resolution and SourCe remote sensing image Analysis and Learning", Erchan Aptoula


Faculty Member

Berrin Yanıkoğlu

FENS Faculty Member

Research Areas

Computer vision & Machine learning: biometrics, document recognition, image retrieval

Erchan Aptoula

FENS Faculty Member

Research Areas

Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Remote Sensing, Precision agriculture, Industrial vision, Biomedical image analysis, Automotive vision systems